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Wraps around you calmly & softly like a Cocoon.


Mayuhouse is a compact round-shaped hut made of clay. The space is fully covered with a clay-wall which wraps around you calmly & softly like a Cocoon. “MAYU” means Cocoon in Japanese.

It’s a movable house so you can put it anywhere you want. It creates great spot for gathering in the nature. It’s also good as a study room or guest room. There are many possibilities! It’s all up to you.

“Everyone can make one’s hut by oneself.”

This is our goal. This is what the Mayuhouse is designed for.
Make it more accessible for everyone to build good living space of yourself, for your health, by yourself.

Mayuhouse are built by our original clay-wall making technique. It makes it possible for everyone, even for non-professionals, to build a clay-wall.

- So let’s make your own cocoon! We’re here to help you.

3 prototypes

Mayuhouse is All designed and built in Minami-Aizu which is a small town located in the west of Fukushima, Japan.

The basic design is composed of 3 elements – clay-made-body, over-roof and terrace.

Small house, Big ideas.

Here are some samples of how-to-enjoy Mayuhouse. There are so much ways & potentials.

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    As a tea house

  • howto003

    Healthy and sustainable

  • howto007

    Good for gathering

  • howto002

    As a study room

  • howto004

    As a guest room

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Why Clay-wall?

Our concept is based on respect to the Japanese traditional clay-wall technique. It has many great advantages like absorbing & releasing moisture, storing the heat energy. So that it used traditionally for stockyards like Sake storehouse.

However, its technique drastically vanished. And these days, very few people know how to make them.  Because Clay-walling take time & money and require skill such as the-hand-crafted-bamboo-structure called “Komai” existing in all the pieces of wall.

Now we’re focusing on recreation and prefabrication of clay wall, as one of the key factors for this issue. We already have 2 patents.

Straw matted panel

Prefabrication of Clay-wall

Instead of manufacturing bamboo structure, we use Tatami machine!

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    Cut the straw-plants which grow wildly everywhere.

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    Put them into the Tatami-machine. And mat into the panel automatically.

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    Set the straw matted panel in frame spaces and apply the extra clay to smooth the surface.

For Natural Renovation

This straw matted clay wall can be used for renovation of normal contemporary houses. It’s great material as a insulation.  Straw is a natural cellulose and brought good inner airflow.

Clay Art 'DOHAKU'

Clay wall can be an art. We’re making clay arts named “DOHAKU” which means really thin layer of clay. This is great for to enjoy clay-wall casually as an interior.


designer of Mayuhouse

Tosaisai Jim

As a master carpenter, Jim has built & recycled many Japanese traditional houses for years. Through these experience he found the advantages and possibilities of clay-wall. And started researching & developing own clay-walling technique and got 2 patents of it. His dream is making clay-wall more accessible for everyone and provide better living environment. Also he is an clay artist.

Website : The world of Tosaisai Jim

Check us on PechaKucha!

We talked at PechaKucha night in 2014. This video-slideshow will tell you almost all about what we do & who we are.


What do you want to do with Mayuhouse?

Want one or build one?

Interested in natural renovation with Mayuhouse?

Do you want to stay in Mayuhouse?

Send us email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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